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Our mission as an independent CRM implementation consultancy is to help teach our customers about the use of CRM systems and guide them through their journey so they can get the most out of their investment.

We are passionate about promoting collaborative, more productive business practices. By promoting a collaborative working culture we achieve innovation in the workplace; thus improving productivity and profits for our clients using a customer-centric system.

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Requirement Specifications & Vendor Selection

Requirements specification is a very important process in choosing your CRM vendor. We help you identify and document all requirements, from feature and business to functionality and system design.
Even after all requirements are specified, navigating the market to choose the best CRM provider for your business today can be a challenging task. As an independent, neutral-vendor consultancy, we have your best interests in mind. Thus we consult you on the supplier that is best for you and will be with you in every step of your journey as needed.

System Implementation & Customization

There are many pitfalls to avoid for a CRM system implementation project to be successful. This ranges from Planning, Feasibility and Requirements Specification all the way to Implementation, Management & Staff Training and follow-up system health checks.

Using the PRINCE2 methodology we will assist and consult your CRM system implementation through all stages:

  • Planning and Feasibility

  • Requirements Specification

  • Project Management

  • System Testing and Data Migration

  • Staff and Management Training

  • System Implementation

  • Follow Up Health Checks and Further Recommendations

Reporting and Technical Business Analysis

One of the goals of investing into a CRM system is for users to focus all their energy on their day to day job, without worrying about filling in report sheets at the end of the day. Reporting and KPI’s can be an automated by-product of employees doing their day to day job.
We provide ideas and advice on how to revamp your reporting processes to get maximum benefits and productivity from your CRM system. We also provide technical business analysis services for custom requests. Services range from data cleansing and analysis to reaching actionable results and recommendations.

CRM Strategy and Other Platform Integration

A successful CRM strategy never stops evolving. That is why we provide consultation services for the adaptation and optimisation of your CRM strategy.
In addition, we assist you with the further integration of your CRM platform with your mail system, social marketing and your company website. This way you can monitor traffic and see statistics from all different parts of your business in one centralised platform in real time.

We help you boost your business to the next level. Would you like to know how? Book your free consultation.

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We help you boost your business to the next level. Would you like to know how? Book your free consultation.